cloud-puzzle 0_0Advantic helping you leverage the benefits of Cloud Computing

Advantic provides a range of consulting and IT support services to help our customers capitalise on the growth in Cloud Computing. Our first hand experience in running a successful Cloud infrastructure puts Advantic in a unique position. As business technologists, we enable you to identify, implement and operate the right solution for your business.

At Advantic we specialise in helping businesses and organisations, large and small,  harness the power of technology without having to invest in expensive hardware/software or manage complex IT infrastructure.

Our Clients expect the best!

Because our management team has been working in service industries for over 25 years we know that client satisfaction is everything. Customers want to know the straight forward options and how we can help their business. They need confident and knowledgeable advice and a service that just works without any hassle.

True Business Flexibility

There is no longer any need to purchase high end PCs, servers, software and telephony systems - instead, cloud-based services can be accessed from anywhere in the world, securely, over an internet connection. Clients only pay for the resources they actually use so, based on their business needs, they can scale their services up and down as their business environment changes, all at the click of a mouse.

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