The Advantic Process


Exceptional websites start by understanding your requirements. We’ll ask you questions to understand your image, goals, budget, target markets, content requirements, reference sites, materials and desired outcomes. Basically, we’ll cover everything you know and want at this point.

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Once we’ve learned what you need, it’s time to start planning how we are going to make it happen. We’ll map out your sites architecture, defining sections and pages including their flow and relationship to each other.

Iterative Design

We’ll get our creative ideas flowing which results in us building your site on our test servers. Choices about layout, type size and colour palettes are created on the test site in real time, so you'll be able to see the progress—we’ll identify what works best in order to communicate your website’s goals we'll iron out any bugs at this stage, and we’ll review the test system with you and refine/revise accordingly until we have approval.




Once your killer design is signed off we transfer your site to it's permananet home, with a hosting company of your choice (we can help you with that) at this point we’ll rigorously test its functionality and add in production code to handle SEO, Register the site with Google and Bing etc. before handing the system over to you.

Lift Off

We’ll work with you to ensure you are unstoppable when it comes to using and populating your new website.

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